I Think Like Midnight is an instrumental rock band formed by lovers of the lost art of the rock instrumental. Formed by Andrew Chalfen (The Trolleyvox, The Wishniaks, Gimme) and Dean Clean Sabatino (The Dead Milkmen, Baby Flamehead) along with Josh Newman (The Silver Ages, Heyward Howkins Band) and Philly Joe Drones Genaro (The Dead Milkmen, Butterfly Joe, Low Budgets). The initial spark was a reoccurring desire on the part of ITLM found Andrew Chalfen to hear a new record by the band Pell Mell (somewhat apocryphal, somewhat true). As no new Pell Mell record has been released since 1997, Chalfen formed ITLM in an attempt to make a Pell Mell record, which they did, up in Ithaca NY at the home recording studio of J. Robert Lennon. The result is the album "Warm Seclusion Structure."  ITLM's debut album was released in December 2014 on Quadrapuss Records. Various members of Pell Mell have been shocked and stunned by it. ITLM are currently at work on their 2nd album with producer Brian McTear at the controls at Miner Street Recordings for release in early 2017.


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Preview of ITLM's 6/11/15 Johnny' Brenda's show from the Philadelphia City Paper: "I Think Like Midnight...place jangly guitar riffs into instrumental settings that are driving, playful and mysterious all at once."

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Andrew Ervin, author of Burning Down George Orwell's House writes: "my favorite record I've heard this year." Full text at Large Hearted Boy. 

"A vocal-less rock band that, to my ears, sounded like a cross between The Grateful Dead and Television." - Dave Van Ronk, Yeah, Another Blogger

And this, from Fritz in Washington, DC: "Music loving friends, I must tell you about a truly superb album I heard today: the debut LP by I Think Like Midnight. Sounding like a cross between the Pernice Brothers and Tortoise, it's exceptional in almost every way. The best new music I've heard in ages. Seriously.