Kompromat cover hi res.jpg

What, a second release for 2018? Hot damn! 4 new tunes unleashed yet behaving respectfully upon the world in the form of Kompromat EP, brought to you by Philly upstarts Wilbur Records. Head over to Bandcamp to pick up a bunch.

A new ITLM video of "Tuned Mass Damper" from the album This Land Is Your Mind, courtesy of Next-to-No Budget Video Labs in conjunction with the ITLM Department of the Visual Image which may or may not be fictitious. Created using apps that take naps, namely Procreate and Splice.

Behold the Ekranoplan, the formidable mascot of the ITLM's debut album Warm Seclusion Structure, staring in "Ground Effect Aircraft." Due to artistic differences and undefined threats, the Ekranoplan has been indefinitely mothballed in favor of a lovable (some would say) tardigrade. 

A look back at the pastoral wow that was autumn with "Echo Celeste," ITLM's first foray into the exciting and lucrative world of amateur video production.

Thanks to the ceaseless and costly efforts of others, you can stream, nay, even purchase ITLM music on Bandcamp. You can even try before you buy, although we recommend purchasing the entire ITLM catalog immediately and repeatedly. These records don't make themselves, you know.