ITLM Blog Post 17

Sound shapes for a visual world

Videos were made. Delighted we is for now we are that much further at a remove from Snuffleupagus-dom. Grateful we am to those who hit record and share. In some instances we knew there would be cameras, in others, the cameras appeared to come out of nowhere, right in front of us, camera heads and the bodies of humans. But we maintained our composure. Except those few moments when we didn't. Had the cameras been affixed to hovering, darting drones we would've been truly unnerved. We realize that drone future is almost certain and almost here. There were stealth documentarians as well, thank heavens, for musicians not knowing the tape is rolling (video, virtual or otherwise) is almost always a good thing when making music. 

First up, I Think Like Midnight performed four tunes for The Key Sessions in the WXPN studios on 2/13/18, two of which were documented on video. Video links right below the images. Also be sure to check out the Key's Jonathan Vettese's awesome review of "This Land Is Your Mind" here.

"Daychord" performed on The Key Sessions in the WXPN Studios. Click   here   to view video on VuHaus.

"Daychord" performed on The Key Sessions in the WXPN Studios. Click here to view video on VuHaus.

"Acolyte" performed on The Key Sessions in the WXPN Studios. Click   here   to view video on VuHaus.

"Acolyte" performed on The Key Sessions in the WXPN Studios. Click here to view video on VuHaus.

About a year ago ITLM became aware of a beneficent spectral presence, which would manifest in digital space shortly after our shows with high quality recordings of those sets. The recordist in question revealed himself to be a sweet, self-effacing gent by the name of Kris, who records live performances and posts them for download at Phillytaper, and on his Soundcloud page. Some past ITLM sets live there. Kris recorded our album release set at PhilaMOCA on 2/22/18, which he also documented on video. He then synced the video to his sound recording made with the following signal path: Source: Schoeps mk4 -> BnBox -> SD Mixpre-3 (24/44.1)
Transfer: Audition CS6 (tracking, Ozone 5 MBIT+ dither) -> flac 16/44.1. Impressive! You can stream that audio here and watch the entire set here:

ITLM Blog Post 9

Wide Open Soundscapes from Tiny Rooms

The current explosion in high quality home recording gear has been very nice for creative types who want to experiment and get their Eno on with a greatly reduced learning curve. ITLM-ers individually are at different points on the synth and gear addictions spectrum. Dean may be the furthest down the synth rabbit hole, followed closely by Josh. Andrew has a guitar problem. Future Melt, the below tune, stems from a winter afternoon in Dean's recording space with Dean on loops and rhythms and Andrew randomly trying out every knob on Dean's new mono synth.

ITLM Blog Post 7

Ripples in the Data Storm

Our crack ITLM publicity team (Bing the cat walking back and forth across the keyboard) has been hard at work and Other People with Keyboards are beginning to say nice things. The music blog 50ThirdandThird posted a review of Warm Seclusion Structure, along with an in-depth interview with ITLM's Andrew Chalfen. The Philadelphia City Paper had some nice things to say in their preview of our 12/19 show. We've been popping up on various blogs and podcasts such as Mini Toad and Ice Cream Man, and even at this early date, WFMU, WXDU, and WPRB have already given ITLM some radio love. Makes us feel all warm and cuddly.


ITLM Blog Post 6

Past Earth Dreamstates

ITLM's No Budget Video Labs, in uneasy association the ITLM Visual Media Department, present the following visual accompaniment to ITLM's imaginary 2nd single "Ground Effect Aircraft" from the album Warm Seclusion Structure. The very existence of something as gargantuan and disturbing as the Ekranoplan is almost more than we can take. Yet we want more.

ITLM Blog Post 3

Five Leaves Left

If you are visually inclined (or even lying down) and like to watch pretty things while listening to music, there is a mysterious new video for "Echo Celeste" (track 11 off of Warm Seclusion Structure) which captures the pastoral afternoon psychedelia of the peak of Autumn. Just the thing to distract you from the cold hangover of Autumn that we're currently in. Thanks to all the folks at ITLM No Budget Labs for making this video dream a reality.

ITLM blog post 2

Photographic Proof

Two things:
1. We are a band who now has a publicity photo.

2. We have our first show which does not involve the basement rehearsal space. It is on Friday, December 19, at Johnny Brenda's in Philadelphia, opening for our friends Weird Hot, a band who's name totally disproves the i-before-e-except-after-c rule. If you are a link-clicker, you should do so here on the Facebook so we can get a little dopamine squirt from your rsvp.

3. Actually, 3 things!  We will have copies of our new album "Warm Seclusion Structure" for sale at this show!

Ok, now we are getting really excited.


ITLM Blog post 1

Lots of words about songs with no words

First post. Lot of pressure. Maybe snacking will help. Snacking frequently helps.

Welcome to the I Think Like Midnight Blog. This is Andrew typing,

When news becomes apparent, it will be announced here. Like so:

We gather our forces for summer rehearsals, make no-budget music videos, think about cover art and feel fraught about fonts. Some of us are learn the web interfacement, and gradually we get a handle on how little we really know. We speak in the Royal We, for starters. I should stop that. Probably not the best idea to have the ADD-addled guy in charge of social media, but think of the delightful distractions we'll have!

The other thing Blog wants to do is spotlight great unsung instrumental tracks by great unsung instrumental bands and even sung bands (that is, bands who sing and/or are not unheard of) but who occasionally break out with the unexpected instrumental. Because there is great instrumental beauty out there in the memory hole and you should know about it. Thank you in advance for letting us inflict on you our nostalgia for this stuff.

So explore the ITLM site, officially in its infancy. We may sell stuff from here once we have things to sell. Suggestions about the site are welcomed because obviously this is a seat-of-the-pants operation if there ever was one.

Oh god, Fresh Tweets. What the hell are those?