ITLM Blog post 1

Lots of words about songs with no words

First post. Lot of pressure. Maybe snacking will help. Snacking frequently helps.

Welcome to the I Think Like Midnight Blog. This is Andrew typing,

When news becomes apparent, it will be announced here. Like so:

We gather our forces for summer rehearsals, make no-budget music videos, think about cover art and feel fraught about fonts. Some of us are learn the web interfacement, and gradually we get a handle on how little we really know. We speak in the Royal We, for starters. I should stop that. Probably not the best idea to have the ADD-addled guy in charge of social media, but think of the delightful distractions we'll have!

The other thing Blog wants to do is spotlight great unsung instrumental tracks by great unsung instrumental bands and even sung bands (that is, bands who sing and/or are not unheard of) but who occasionally break out with the unexpected instrumental. Because there is great instrumental beauty out there in the memory hole and you should know about it. Thank you in advance for letting us inflict on you our nostalgia for this stuff.

So explore the ITLM site, officially in its infancy. We may sell stuff from here once we have things to sell. Suggestions about the site are welcomed because obviously this is a seat-of-the-pants operation if there ever was one.

Oh god, Fresh Tweets. What the hell are those?